Planejammer: The Misfits

Casimir's Journal - Part 3

I Am Enthralled

1st Alturiak, 1360 DR (5042 OC)

It is now one month since my escape from The Family and things progress most agreeably. Indeed, Lucille knew exactly how to solve my little problem. I can now prowl the Rock at will with no fear of attracting attention. Just this morning, in the local market, I crossed paths with an uncle of mine with whom I’ve always been close and to test my new disguise I reached for the same item as he. We argued for posession, shortly, before I apologized profusely for my terrible manners and surrendered the trinket to him. At no time did his face register recognition! This man, who is like a brother to me, was completely deceived! Oh, the miracles of modern wizardry never cease to amaze me!

I celebrated this new step on the road to independence by purchasing no small amount of rounds for Lucilles’ clientele this evening, introducing myself as her new “artist-in-residence.” I was even able to interest enough of the patrons in my work so as to easily pay my bar tab for the night. I wonder if the Captain of the Guard will hang his sketch of Xin-Chao, (a thoroughly delectable creature and an insatiable marathoner in the boudoir,) on the wall of his office next to the crude portrait of his wife and child. (I assume it’s a crude portrait. It may be his family which is crude, making the portrait accurate, in which case I offer my apologies to the portraitist and my condolences to the captain.)

Toward the end of the evening I was completely enthralled by the Masq’d Bard, a performer of great skill and magnificent voice. Though her body was cloaked and her face partially obscured by a mask, (her skin was the color of fresh blood, which I must confess caused my own blood to quicken its pace, though it may in fact have been make-up,) the timbre and range of her voice belied a stirringly raw, earthy sensuality. I pressed Madame Lucille for details but she remained mute on the subject. Indeed, as she pointed out, how would I feel if she suddenly began telling all her residents secrets? On that note, I bade her a good evening and placed a suitable generosity in her palm.


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