Planejammer: The Misfits

Casimir's Journal - Part 2

A Learning Curve

15th Hammer, 1360 DR (5042 OC)

One simply cannot fathom the difficulties in studying the nude female form until one embarks upon the quest one’s self. It is one thing to delineate that particular bounty which is woman from scholarly exercises, but endless hours spent in museums divining the techniques of the Great Masters such as Easly, Dee, Otus or Frau Zetta become child’s play when confronted with a living, breathing model. To have a woman so near, open and unhindered by the restraint of fabric only for the purpose of painting seems to me, a sin. I can see that my chosen path will be fraught with temptation, and alas, that is the one thing in life I have never been able to resist.

Just this morning I was sketching Geneve, one of the girls here at Lucille’s whom I spent the evening with. The light was shining beatifically through the window, illuminating the smoke in the room as it escaped the hookah and silhouetting her perfectly. After more than once failing to capture the scene accurately, (at least accurately enough for my rigid standards,) I began to realize that I was not giving full attention to my craft.

However, “rigid standards” and “full attention” were certainly not far from Geneve’s mind and even closer to her reach. We spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon adding charges to my account, though as a resident, I do receive a substantial discount on the services of the ladies. To be honest, I deem it time and money well spent as Geneve is quite well versed in the language of love. Indeed, she is possibly the most fluent girl here at Lucille’s and she never fails to teach me something new.

It is only my second ride here, and I find myself somewhat hindered in movement by the simple fact of who I am. I must put some serious thought into a diguise of sorts so as to move more freely upon the Rock. Perhaps I should seek advice from Lucille herself. Her clientele is diverse and she may know of someone who can assist me in this matter.


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