Ysgard Rooms

Ysgard rooms

15 Hall of The High Ground This simple wood-paneled room contains the portal to the Plane of Shadow, so it’s the first place most visitor see. A gold-filigree inscription above the door to the north reads in Common “We seize the high ground.”

Along the wall are testaments to that credo: glass cases full of dirt collected from the battlefields of countless different planes. The soldiers here have a tradition of collecting some “high ground” from wherever they fight, and the accumulated soil collection here is as diverse as the planes themselves. A set of iron double-doors leads out into the training yard, but this part of the citadel is otherwise unguarded. The citadel’s original builders figured the presence of the guard barracks was protection enough.

16 Warden’s Suite This fancy bedroom suite is decorated in a martial theme, of course, with frescoes and oil paintings of battle scenes covering the walls. Hunting trophies stare down at visitors from high on the walls, and cases display various military medals and trophies. The most striking feature of the room is the lifelike mannequins that display the military uniforms of armies past and present from a dozen planes. The furniture is simple, unadorned wood, and creature comforts are minimal.

17 Map Room No commander likes to be far from her maps, so this room was intentionally built near the Warden’s Suite. Shelves and cubbyholes cover the walls from floor to ceiling, each with a meticulously labeled map of an important battlefield, stronghold, or other feature of military interest. About half of the maps are of sites on the Material Plane, a quarter are useful sites on Ysgard

18 Armory Weapon and armor racks cover the walls of this room, and someone is almost always on duty sharpening blades or performing minor armor repairs (the citadel’s smith makes major repairs in the smithy). Along the far wall are large cabinets holding the offi- cers’ weapons and armor—accumulated treasure from the many adventures of the adventurers who built the citadel. A trap-door leads into a basement where the citadel guard stores arrows, crossbow bolts, and other

19-21 Barracks The palace guard barracks are divided up into three buildings. The smaller barracks each hold 8 bunks and a small day room, while the larger, L-shaped barracks has 16 bunks and a spartan mess hall. Troopers tend to share bunks (one shift sleeps while the other trains), so the barracks complex can handle more than 60 soldiers. Depending on the force structure, the smaller barracks are sometimes assigned to special troop types or officers. A wide ramp between the two smaller barracks leads through a portal to the stables on Arborea, so cavalry stationed on Ysgard has easy access to the steeds in the stables. A stairway along the south wall of the large barracks leads to the Abyss and the dock on the River Styx.

22 Training Field This yard is the primary area for drills, inspections, and combat training. Because fallen warriors on Ysgard rise from their wounds the following morning, the soldiers practice against each other with real weapons. The yard is also large enough for calisthenics, marching in formation, and any of the countless disciplines that make up the soldier’s craft.
Because this part of the citadel is located on a sparsely populated earthberg on Ysgard, the citadel’s guard can go on extended maneuvers in the forests, fields, and mountains of the plane. Doing so isn’t entirely without risk, however—Ysgard may be the home of good-aligned deities, but many of its inhabitants are spoiling for a fight.

Ysgard Traits
Normal Gravity
Normal Time
Infinite Size Ysgard goes on forever, but its wellknown realms have boundaries within the plane as a whole.
*Divinely Morphic* Specific powerful beings (such as the deities Kord and Olidammara) can alter Ysgard with a thought. Ordinary creatures find Ysgard as easy to alter as the Material Plane is—they can be affected by spells and physical effort normally. But deities can change vast areas, creating great realms for themselves.
*No Elemental Traits* No one element dominates on Ysgard; all are in balance as on the Material Plane. However, pans of the second layer, Muspelheim, are treated as if they possessed the fire-dominant trait.
*Minor Positive-Dominant* Ysgard possesses a riotous explosion of life in all its forms. All individuals on a positive-dominant plane gain fast healing 2 and may even regrow lost limbs in rime. Additionally, those slain in the never-ending conflicts on Ysgard’s fields of battle rise each morning as if true resurrection were cast on them, fully healed and ready to fight anew. Even petitioners, who as outsiders cannot be raised, awaken fully healed. Only those who suffer mortal wounds on Ysgard’s battlefields get the true resurrection effect; dead characters brought to Ysgard don’t spontaneously revive.
*Mildly Chaos-Aligned* Lawful creatures on Ysgard suffer a –2 penalty on all Charisma-based checks.
*Normal Magic*

Ysgard Rooms

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