Redhurst Academy of Magic

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The premier school of magic. The school traveled from plane to plane and from sphere to sphere, offering students an unparalleled academic experience. Those few accepted at the Academy come from a wide array of Crystal Spheres and other Planes.

Redhurst is composed of a number of colleges:

  • Aegis School of Abjuration
  • Bisechen School of Conuration
  • Jecture School of Divination
  • Nammor School of Enchantment
  • Wolkhart School of Evocation
  • Ignes School of Illusion
  • Mordant School of Necromancy
  • Thaumant School of Transmutation

In it’s wanderings Redhurst Campus has been known to appear in the following locations:

  • The Republic of Altheria on Arcanis
  • Battle City
  • Dungeonworld
  • Freeport
  • Genavue In the Kindgoms of Kalamar
  • T’ombo in Nyambe
  • Dunkar, capital of Dunkarga in the Lands of Loerem
  • Hollowfaust in the Scarred Lands
  • Free City of Greyhawk in the Flaneass of Oerth

Redhurst Academy of Magic

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