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Name: Violetta Lucette D’arc
Origin: Prime, Dragon Rock (Tears of Selune)
Race/Class: Helbred, Wilder, Bard
Faction or Affilliation: The Seekers, Lucille’s

Name: Hissarmau of the Ta’an-mrrow
Origin: Prime, Shou Long (Toril)
Race/Class: Catfolk, Monk, Wizard
Faction or Affilliation: The Seekers

Name: Casimir Syzygy
Origin: Prime, Dragon Rock (Tears of Selune)
Race/Class: Human, Aristocrat, Rogue
Faction or Affilliation: The Twelve, Lucille’s

Name: Khlasath Git’r’raith
Origin: Planar, Vala’Koth, Astral
Race/Class: Githyanki, Fighter, Rogue
Faction or Affilliation: The Athar

Name: Larran
Origin: Planar, Sylvania, The Outlands
Race/Class: Elan, Ardent
Faction or Affilliation: The Ciphers

Name: Lemmy Sorpic
Origin: Prime,Carrigmoore
Race/Class: Human, Psychic Warrior
Faction or Affilliation: Sons of Mercy

Name: Moswen Nathandem
Origin: Prime,Gheldanth (Toril)
Race/Class: Human, Warlock
Faction or Affilliation: House Nathandem

The Citadel of the Planes
Ship: The Voidskimmer

The Dead Book

Name: Ibid of the Cliffs
Origin: Prime, Gheldaneth (Toril)
Race/Class: Seacliff Dwarf, Cleric
Faction or Affilliation: Cult of Ptah
Last Words: “It’s coming!”
Place of Demise: The Bridge of The Voidskimmer
Manner of Demise: Pseudonatural Illithid Brain Parasite

Our Heroes

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