Lucille is a licensed prostitute, born and raised on Dragon Rock. In her 60s (though thanks to a magic gift of a longevity potion by a stupid but very nice fighter who had a thing for her, and due to one strange happenstance, she is physically in her early 30s). Though she has spent many years abroad traveling, she moved back to Dragon Rock and remains due to the happenstance, a magical blessing by a spirit. As long as she remains in Dragon Rock where she was born, she is essentially 20 years younger than she would be otherwise. If she leaves, she will age 40 years. If she returns, they will be restored, assuming she isn’t dead. Quite frankly, she detests the thought of leaving (or getting old), so she stays resolved never to leave the city again.

Miss Lucille (Lucille Kerowen) runs a house of prostitution in the Red Lantern area of Dragon Rock. She also makes a decent living sending women out to other planets and settlements as instructors. In fact, Lucille has a master’s license which means, simply, she can license other prostitutes after they have been properly trained (a two year degree).

Lucille currently employs 20 girls (each girl has one roommate, the pair living together in their own room). There are 10 rooms for this, a kitchen, a major communal bath (smaller than a city bath, but much larger than a normal house’s, accommodating half a dozen people at one time is no problem. There is also a common dinning hall, a common living area, the display room where the customers look the girls over, 10 working rooms (their personal rooms could also be used if more than 10 customers at a time were on hand), 20 permanent guest rooms, 4 storage rooms, and the master’s rooms (a joined pair, bed room and living room), for a total of a 60 room mansion. The house is well known by the upper crust of society and easy to find being the only 4-story building (counting the basement) in that part of the city (excluding towers).

Among those who rent permanent guest rooms are Meenolos (a 72 year old human Sage), Casimir Syzygy aka Henry Darger, Violetta Lucette d’Arc The Masked bard, Lemmy Sorpic, and others.

Prices: A higher-class establishment, the prices here are higher and they serve only a well to do clientelle. 5gp for a 2 hour session with the girl of your choice (Miss Lucille still works, but she cost 150 gp). In-house guests pay half that, 2.5-gp/2 hours. The cost for staying there as a guest is 35 gp/month (3 rides/30 days) paid for in advance, in monthly increments, and only if you are accepted there. This entitles you to the “rate” and the right to partake in the common meal (which is served in this house in the morning between 7 and 9 bells.).

The girls work 15 out of every 20 days, having a 5 day rest every 20 days . They work everyday when they are “on.” If any girl fails to make her quota of an average of 10gp per day, she will eventually be asked to leave the house. This makes it important for the girls to take care of themselves. The girls get 1gp out of each five plus whatever gifts or tips they may receive form thankful guests.


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