Astral Rooms

Astral rooms

31 Astral Entrance This room contains the portal to the Entry Hall on the Plane of Shadow. Large chalkboards along the walls are covered with experiment schedules, messages from one spellcaster to another, and half-completed magical formulae and diagrams.

32 Blue Library This fancy library, named for the inky blue ceiling painting of a starry night, has a large collection of books on arcana, the planes, and religion. Desks and study carrels are scattered across the floor, and ladders on sliding rails allow easy access to the thousands of
books here. A librarian is always on staff here to help researchers find a particular volume.

33 Violet Library This room is exactly like room 32 except that the ceiling painting is of a canopy of grape vines and the books cover the topics of geography, history, and nobility. The geography books are sometimes missing because they have been borrowed by citadel guards
The missing books can usually be found in the Map Room (17).

34 Arcane Library This room has all the tables, grimoires, rare spell components, and other trappings you would expect from any magic laboratory. The hexagonal room is dominated by four inward-pointing engraved circles of protection in the center of the floor—one each for good, evil, law, and chaos. These circles provide a measure of protection during dangerous summonings, especially planar bindings.

Those who look through the ceiling skylight see eruptions of flame, crashing waves of water, tornadoes of air, and massive chunks of earth all in an ever-changing chaotic boil. The “skylight” is actually a one-way portalto the Plane of Limbo. Not only is it visually impressive, it provides a quick way to safely dispose of magical experiments gone awry.

35 Heart Suite The walls, ceiling, and floor of this fancy bedroom suite look vaguely organic and are warm to the touch almost as if the room were made of skin over muscle. The furniture likewise is molded into the floor and seems to be a part of the room. Anyone who succeeds at a Listen check (DC 20) can hear a faint throbbing like a heart beating.

It’s actually a permanent image—the room isn’t alive. The wizard who originally lived in this suite wanted décor that would simultaneously comfort her while unsettling her visitors.A stairway leads down to the arcanist’s study.

36 Arcanist’s Study This room is almost a miniature version of the magic laboratory, although it lacks some of the more impressive pieces of arcane equipment, the engraved circles, and the portal to Limbo. It’s a more comfortable place, with overstuffed furniture and even a pull-out bed. A stairway descends to a portal to Carceri.

Astral Traits
Normal Grvity Inside, Subjective Directional Gravity Outside
Timeless Age, hunger, thirst, afflictions (such as diseases, curses, and poisons), and natural healing don’t function in the Astral Plane, though they resume functioning when the traveler leaves the Astral Plane.
Mildly Neutral-Aligned
Enhanced Magic All spells and spell-like abilities used within the Astral Plane may be employed as if they were improved by the Quicken Spell or Quicken Spell-Like Ability feats. Already quickened spells and spell-like abilities are unaffected, as are spells from magic items. Spells so quickened are still prepared and cast at their unmodified level. As with the Quicken Spell feat, only one quickened spell or spell-like ability can be cast per round.

Astral Rooms

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