Abyss Rooms

Abyss rooms

28 Stairway Landing This area has only three notable features. Irregular steps carved into the stone lead upward and north to the portal to Ysgard. A second set of steps ascends south to the Entry Hall on the Plane of Shadow. A menhirlike stone of summoningcalls forth a bebilith who attacks anyone who doesn’t give the phrase, “I long to forget the River Styx.”

29 Cave Suite This fancy bedroom suite is decorated entirely by items looted from a dozen castle sieges and dungeon delves. No two pieces of furniture match, although all are of the highest quality. The arrangement is haphazard, with tapestries obscuring frescoes on the walls,
coins, and jewelry strewn across the floor, and rich garments hanging from every chair corner and bedpost.

30 Dock This dock is exactly like its counterpart in room 7, except that it squats alongside the River Styx, which connects to the Plane of Pandemonium downstream and Carceri, Hades, Gehenna, the Nine Hells, and Acheron upstream.

Abyss Traits
*Normal Gravity* The top layer of the Abyss, the Plain of Infinite Portals, and many other layers have the normal gravity trait, but other layers of the Abyss can contain wildly different gravity traits that run the gamut of possibilities.
*Normal Time* Time flows at the same rate in the Abyss as on the Material Plane. However, rumors persist of a layer where time flows backward with regard to aging. The reverse flow is erratic, however, and a visitor could be reverse-aged to childhood or out of existence altogether.
*Infinite Size* The Abyss goes on forever in the form of an infinite number of layers, although its well-known realms are bounded.
*Divinely Morphic* Entities at least as powerful as lesser deities can alter the Abyss. Less powerful creatures find the Abyss indistinguishable from a normal Material Plane (alterable morphic trait) in that the plane can be changed by spells and physical effort.
*Mixed Elemental and Energy Traits* This trait varies widely from layer to layer. In the Abyss as a whole, no one element or energy constantly dominates, though certain layers have a dominant element or energy, or a mixture of two or more.
*Mildly Chaos-Aligned and Mildly Evil-Aligned* Lawful characters in the Abyss suffer a –2 penalty on all Charisma-based checks, and good characters suffer the same penalty. Lawful good characters suffer a –4 penalty on all Charisma-based checks.
*Normal Magic*

Abyss Rooms

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