Planejammer: The Misfits

Episode I: An Errand For The Vanderborens

Lemmy Sorpic arrives on Dragon Rock after taking a portal from Sigil to Waterdeep and then a spelljammer to the Tears of Selune. After docking he immediately goes in search of liquor to lubricate his planelag. Not seeing anything to his tastes in Kara-Town or the Red Lantern District he ends up in The Burrows, drinking in a halfling bar. He then bar hops along until he is approached by a catfolk named Hissermau who is fascinated by his purple crystal sword.

Henry receives a letter from Lavinia Vanderboren, an old family friend. She wishes help in finding her brother, who has been accused of murdering their parents. She wants to find and exonerate him. She has reason to believe he is in a hidden pirate base here in the Tears. Henry agrees to hire a few people to help. After he and Violetta meet with her they head towards the taverns to look for potential recruits.

Lemmy gets blotto to the point of nearly passing out. He does, in fact, fall on his face. Hissermau pays the bartender to drag him out and put him in a rickshaw, she then takes him back home. As they are leaving the rickshaw at her place he falls over knocking Violetta and Henry over. Hissermau is left the only one standing.

Idle discussion reveals that Henry is looking for a pilot, Hissermau offers her services. Lemmy, blind drunk, follows along. Agreements are reached and they take Lemmy to Lucille’s House (Henry adds his rent to the expenses).

The next day or two are spent planning (and in Lemmy’s case, drinking). Henry manages to get more info on the pirate base, and the name of it’s founder. (Capt. Haven of the Squidship Good Fortune). Violetta perks up at the name, he was a pirate about 300 years ago who operated here in the Tears of Selune. Spacers tales run wild with stories of his descendants continuing the family business from a hidden base in the Tears, tales of his fabulous lost treasure, and cautionary tales of his wandering ghost. The ghost tales are mostly fabrications she says.

Communiques from Lavinia bring new info saying time is of the essence. A hammership has been put at their disposal as have ten healing potions (cure lt. wds.). Lemmy insists that as hired bodyguard he should get three of them immediatly. After all he is the muscle.

While waiting to ship outLemmy avails himself of both the girls and the bar at Lucille’s, but finding the majority of the clientel “not his sort,” he strikes off to seek someplace a bit earhier. He ends up having a few rounds at a dwarven pub called The Mithril Tankard, all the while trolling for information on his mission. He returns to find things have moved up. Henry, Violetta, and Hissermau are waiting for him. (Henry made a point of sending word to Capt Flynn on the Dauntless to lock up the booze…)

They board the hammership Dauntless, one of Lavinia’s ships, and head out using the mysterious chart she provided.

The group find their plans to infiltrate using the Masked Bard as a centerpiece. (“Hey, we’re having trouble with the helm, but while we’re here how about a show?”) won’t work. The Capt has strict orders that the ship is not to approach the asteroid, nor is it’s crew to go along. They do, however have a small wreckboat with a tactical helm for the party and the secondary helmsman will cast delayed invisibility on the party for their grand entrance.

After a day and a half on the Dauntless they arrive. Hissermau manages to start up in reverse and slams into the main mast before taking off. The sounds of profanity from the crew are heard to the limit of the air envelope.

As they approach the asteroid they note a distinct lack of guards. Hissermau emphasizes that by scraping the wall for 40′ as she enters the min docking tunnel. The noise is extremely loud.

Once inside Lemmy detects a residual psionic trace coming from the tunnel that should lead to the settlement. He also notices that the Masked Bard has psionic abilities and that Henry shows a very strange and static ridden image under the detect psi. They proceed, invisibly, up the corridor.

About halfway down the passage they encounter a lone human walking towards the settlement. Henry tries to grapple him, coming back into visibility as he does so, and fails. As the human tries to run down the hall he is firmly bear hugged by Lemmy who effectively pins him down. When questioned he reveals his name is Jess Furrier, the settlement is named Haven-Fara, and he is just returning. Where he has been and how he got here with no ship in sight he refuses to say. Deciding he will be safer and less problematic where he is they tie him up and stuff his own shirt in his mouth to keep him quiet.

After about 200 yards they enter a large cavern in the asteroid’s center. A huge cluster of psionic crystal hangs in the center of the ceiling shedding light on all below. The majority of the cavern is forested except for what seems to have been a town. The settlement is covered completelty with webs, and several spiders the size of hunting dogs crawl through the upper reaches. There seems to be a large trident like structure at the settlement’s center, also completely covered in the webs.

They return to the unconscious Furrier, untie him and slap him awake. As they walk back towards the settlement they tell him waht they have seen and ask him about it. When told about the settlement being covered in spiders and webs he panic’s and bolts, screaming about how he must “find Patience.” Hissermau easily outdistances him and drops him with a circle kick. “Where are my weapons? I must save my betrothed!” he shouts. Henry decides to walk with him back to the tunnel’s entrance, while the other three recon the town.

Hissermau spots a hole in the webs and they peek in to see a cluster of about fifteen thatched roof buildings. The also see a beached hammership in the settlement’s center, eveidently it has been converted into a building of some sort. The name on the prow reads The Good Fortune. Violetta recalls that there are also legends that his lost treasure is guarded by spiders.

While Violetta and Hissermau stay right outside the hole in the webbing Lemmy ventures in, his purple crystal sword at the ready. As he walks by the first of the huts he smells the distinct

Episode II: 14 Flamerule 1360 DR

While Henry accompanies Jess Furrier back to the docking cave (in order to retrieve his confiscated weapons) he tries to drill him for info and defuse the situation. Furrier seems quite disturbed to hear of the webs covering his town and quickens the pace referring frequently to the fact that his betrothed is in there. Her name is Patience.

Meanwhile back at Haven-Fara Lemmy calls back over his shoulder,” I’m going in. If you don’t hear or see me in ten minutes come in and come prepared.” He enters the hut from which he smelled burning flesh. He finds a little old woman lying dead on the floor with half of her face scorched off. Before her is a chest of finely polished wood, the front of which is also scorched as though from sudden intense fire. Lock picks lie scattered on the hut’s floor around her.

Henry and Jess return, finding Hissarmau and Violetta standing watch just outside f the gap in the webbing. Jess takes off into the town heading just past the grounded Hammership. Henry shouts for Lemmy and pursues with Violetta at his side, stopping briefly while Hissarmau casts Mage Armor on herself and Violetta. As Lemmy trudges along behind them a young boy enters the hut, screams, and runs out again carrying the old woman’s corpse. He takes the same trajectory as the rest, but stays as far from them as he can.

Hissarmau sees Jess run into a hut yelling , “Patience!! Patience!!” When she arrives at the door she looks in to see him embracing a rather ugly young human girl who seems to be covered in bug bites and small scars. There is also an older human male with crazy shock gray hair and a slightly baffled expression on his face. The room around them is filled with spiders in jars, pieces of giant spiders hung on the walls, and several terrariums of live specimens. This is the scene that greets the rest of the party as they arrive.

The old man steps forward and speaks. “I am Dr. Jakob Gryll, and who may I ask are you?” as you start to answer he sees the boy carrying the supine form of the dead woman, says,” pardon me,” and pushes through the standing characters to run examine her. The boy accuses Henry and Lemmy of killing his grandmother and draws a dagger. Lemmy corrects him and looms. The kid drops the dagger.

Henry explains to Gryll what they found in the hut. Gryll seems alternately manic and thoughtful, and rapidly comes to the conclusion that the party are here to escort him to the spider caves to examine them. He sends them, along with the boy (now dragooned as a tour guide of sorts) to speak with “Cap.”

The boy leads them to the grounded hammership, Good Fortune. (Hissarmau recognizes signs of a hull breach when the ornately carved entrance now stands.) They enter to find the interior outfitted as a tavern, with three humans talking in hushed tones at the end of the bar. Henry notices a large glass jar containing a spider bigger than his hand and a single silver key.

Henry sits, breaks out some bread and cheese and offers it to them. The younger of the three old salts approaches with a bottle and asks, “Now who might you be, friends, and how did you get here?”

Henry lays out the fact that they are searching for a friend who might have passed through. Slight betrayals in Cap’s manner make them believe he is lying when he claims no knowledge. Lemmy looms menacingly and makes comments about “being in The Guard,” and “bringing pirates to justice.” The mood goes cold. Hissarmau steps in and diplomatically tries to explain the group’s good intentions towards Vanderboren, which seems to somewhat mollify them. Cap pours a round. Lemmy ignores his drink.

Henry sends Lemmy and Dake (the kid) to retrieve the box from the old woman’s hut. While they are gone Henry makes excuses for him. “He’s just hired muscle.” He comes clean to Cap that they have been sent to retrieve Vanderboren, but that they are on his side. He strikes a deal: In exchange for aid in finding Vanthus they will clean out the spiders. Harc accepts, but tells them that most of the town’s manpower is either on a spelljammer or disappeared. Almost everyone left is either aged, female, or a child. He also says the spiders came up from deeper caverns within the asteroid.

According to the three council members the spiders have always lived in the caverns to the north, and have never bothered the town. Two days ago they arrived en masse and began to enweb the area and steal the town folk. While Cap and Harc try to convince the group to rescue their people Keel seems to be trying to discourage them with a continuing refrain of, “they’re dead already.”

Cap gets nervous when questioned about the spider in the jar. “It protects the key to the safe,” he says. About then Lemmy and Drake return with the box. Hissarmau examines it, it is the obvious result of a burning hands trap that was on the chest itself. They notice a half melted nameplate that reads, “Vander………..”

When they question Drake about where he stole the chest he tells them The Black Fly Pub. The group get him to escort them there. On the way two large monstrous spiders drop from above and attack. Lemmy draws his sword, which crackles, mutters, and groans psionically. The spider attacks, but his bite fails to penetrate the heavy plate mail. Lemmy swings at the arachnid, but slips in a puddle of venom and falls on his ass.

Violetta conjures up the sound of a fight with her pipes and distracts the additional spiders that were coming to join the fray. She then turns and shoots one of the spiders with her starwheel. The wounded beast falls backwards onto Lemmy. Violetta fires again and misses. Henry takes careful aim and shoots. The spider ceases to move after his bullet rips through its skull. The other spider flees.

The Black Fly has a circular bar in the center and tall cocktail tables without stools scattered around it. There is very little light, and the fireplace is tiny. The kid takes them to a concealed door and into the back room, evidently where the owner sleeps. The owner, another member of the council, is in the brig for “looting.” Entering the room they find a trap door under the rug which leads down to a root cellar. Henry tries t send the kid in first, but Lemmy intervenes. Henry takes a few smokesticks and sunrods from a backpack found down there, and makes a point of being visible to Drake as he leaves several pieces of gold in their place. Hissarmau notices tracks leading to one of the walls.

Proceeding to Dr. Gryff’s. He tells them it is all drivel that the spiders are at fault. Constantly extolling the virtues of the “perfect predators, ” he gathers his things to depart for the spider caves. He shows them the large spiders he has been examining with a telescope he has poked through his thatch roof. He also says that no one has actually seen a spider carrying anyone off.
While he packs they make the boy lead them to the imprisoned owner of the Black Fly.

The prisoner, Westin Nemetia, makes them send Drake from the room before he will speak. Lemmy goes with the boy to keep an eye on him. He then begs them to rescue the townfolk. After much conversation he finally tells them that he is an aranea, and his people infiltrated the town centuries ago. They simply want to be left alone to live their lives, but if the other townfolk found out their friends would turn against them as monsters. He admits he was holding the chest for Vanthus Vanderboren, who left Haven-Fara a tenday ago on a squidship flying Crimson Fleet colors. He also reveals that Haven-Fara has a fleet of three galleons that are based on another asteroid and reached by a portal here. He says that only aranea have disappeared, that they answered the call of their cousins the spiders and left to fight an unknown threat. He thinks the box, which arrived with eight horses, may have something to do with the recent events. To bear this out he point up the fact that there are only seven horses now, and no ships have been in.

Hissarmau hangs back as the others leave the cell. She tells him that she knows of his people and asks if he is trapped in human form. He answers that his people have a pact to only use human form when outside of the caves in order to preserve their secret.

When casually asked about the aranea, Dr. Gryff claims never to have heard of them. As the group prepares their forray into the Spider Caves it is now 6 bells on the fourteenth day of Flamerule, in The Year of The Turret 1360 DR, 5042 in the Olven Calendar of the IEN.

Episode III:A Fistfull of Fumbles

14-18th of Flamerule, 1360 DR

DM’s Note: This was an evening sent directly from the Abyss. No less than 13 natural ones were rolled by the four players over the course of this single, four hour game. Thirteen Critical Failures. That has to be some kind of record. The Dice Gods must be propitiated….

After collecting Dr. Gryff the valiant band venture through the tunnel in the Black Fly’s root cellar. After about 80′ they come out in the woods above the town. A slightly worn path leads deeper into the forest, supposedly there is a wide vertical shaft that leads to the spider caves in about five miles or so.

As the party trudge through the damp woods Lemmy catches a sound on the wind. A sound of gibbering insanity that clouds his thinking and perception. he draws True Will and strikes at Violetta and misses. As she leaps away he aims another swing at Henry slashing him deeply. The sound becomes audible to everyone, and Violetta hastens to change her tune to a countersong fighting it. As she does so a thick stream of viscous green fluid arcs from the foliage and hits Lemmy in the eyes. Lemmy howls in pain as Hissarmau shouts, “Look out, its a gibbering mouther!”

Hissarmau draws her sai and attacks through the foliage, striking it but doing little damage. The mouther grapples her with its pseudopodia, but fails to engulf her. Lemmy keeps missing with True Will, while Violetta hacks ineffectually at it with her dagger. Henry takes shot at it with his starwheel, misses, and then throws a dagger, which also misses.

The mouther shoots another stream of acid, at Violetta this time, and misses. Henry tries to get in close with his dagger and gets caught by a pseudopod. Hissarmau gets pulled into the beast, thoroughly engulfed. Through its transparent skin you can see her skin and fur being dissolved away in patches and massive bleeding start. Henry tries to let the thing pull him in dagger first, but gets engulfed without doing any damage at all.

Violetta gets caught by a pseudopod while trying to cut her friends out. As she is struggling Lemmy nails it with True Will. His eyes blaze for a moment as he strikes and purple electricity arcs along the crystalline blade. The beast stops gibbering and howls in pain. Henry forces his way out of the creature from within, fades back and slugs a sorely needed healing potion. healing potion ..

Violetta continues to struggle with the creature, not getting absorbed, but not escaping either. Henry returns, looking much healthier, and throws flaming oil onto the beast. It howls again, as when stuck by the psiblade, and burns.

Hissarmau struggles to escape the body of the burning gibbering mouther, and pulls something painfully out of joint in her shoulder. She has become almost to weak to struggle from the blood loss.

Violetta breaks away as the flaming oil finally extinguishes what life remains in the mouther, its body rapidly deliquescing into small blobs of charred black goo.

They administer healing potions all around, and Violetta breaks out a pipe full of halfling’s leaf, blessed she says and possessed of healing properties. The make camp for the night as the thoroughly shaken Dr. Gryll tends their wounds. It is determined that Hissarmau’s state will require at least a tenday of rest, as their is no magic available that can restore her failing constitution. Lemmy takes the first watch.

Returning the way they came the group enters town through the tunnel in the Black Fly’s storeroom. They send Dr. Gryll on his way, telling him he should warn people of the menace they just faced, and perhaps it might not be good for folks to know about the secret tunnel, eh? They begin to cross town when they run into Cap with four goons at his back. “Back so soon?”

Between intimidation and diplomacy our heroes talk their way past Cap and his thugs, mostly due to Violetta’s quick wit. Summoning her inner talent Violetta memorizes the chart for getting to the Haven Fara asteroid and eidetically locks it into her mind. They return to the wreckboat, Violetta using detect magic to locate the portal to their dock before they leave. Taking the helm for the cat lady, Violetta shows natural talent for flying as she gets them back to the Hammership Dauntless.

Upon their return Lemmy carries Hissarmau to her apartment with plans of buying some whiskey and watching over her as she recovers her strength. Violetta and Henry head for Vanderboren Manor.

Norman the butler ushers then into the central courtyard where food is being brought out for them. Lavinia Vanderboren steps into the garden just in time to be narrowly missed by a flying ball of quails eggs thrown at Henry by the bard. She take the grim new that her brother may indeed be the assassin stoically, as she does the evidence of the exploding box that was supposed to be sent to her. A box that is almost identical to the one that killed their parents.

She says to take a few days off to rest and recoup while she awaits couriers that should have info needed to decide the next course of action. She pays the invoice Henry produces without hesitation and says she will be in touch about further duties and expanded pay. She also lets them know that she has retained the services of another local adventuring band, The Jade Ravens, to handle security here at the Manor in case of further threats and is also recruiting some more firepower to help our heroes. In the course of the discussion she reveals that Vanthus had a lover named Brissa Santos (a noble name Henry recognizes) who disappeared from Dragon Rock about the same time as Vanthus (roughly one month ago).

We close the story as Henry and Violetta enter the spartan Kara-Town apartment of Hissarmau. The cat lady is curled up on a pile of pillows, still looking quite weak, while Lemmy is passed out across the low table at the rooms center. Henry lightly jingles the coin pouch with her pay and she immediately awakes. It s now 9 bells in the evening on the 18th day of Flamerule, 1360 DR.

Episode IV: [Incomplete Notes]

NOTE: this is incomplete as I am missing some notes. When found I will finish updating this entry

Called in to a meeting with Lavinia, Henry and Violetta are introduced to their new help: a dwarven Priest of Ptah named Ibid and a Xixchil Mage named Xring Ke Kadu. The xixchil was refered through The Seekers (by Hissarmau) and the priest was assigned by his temple.

She then fills them all in on the fact that her parents left a lot of debt, and the magical ring that acts as a key to the family vault is on their ship, the Blue Nixie. Unfortunately the Blue Nixie has been seized by the Harbormaster until four months of docking fees are paid. She says she gave the 1,000pp to his representative, a man named Sollar Vark, but both he and the Harbormaster claim to have never seen the money. She also believes that Vark’s men are up to something, she is not sure what. The main priority is to retrieve the ring and then accompany her to the vault to deal with any traps or guardians. Once she has access to the money she will pay 200gp each and be able to handle the outstanding family debts.

The group discusses possible approaches on the way to the docks. Henry finds a bar and arranges to meet them there after he does some nosing around. He proceeds to alter his appearance and ask one of the dockworkers about finding work. He gets some info about where Harbormaster Keltar Islaran will be and some tips about dealing with the old sourpuss.

After dickering with the Harbormaster they convince him to go with them to the ship and see for himself.

Episode V : [Rough Notes 08/03/07]

GameLog 8-3-07 Xring and Ibid=NPCs)

Fought off four space zombies (XP for two, others killed by Xring and Ibid as NPCs), Lemmy gets inflicted with the blight.

Find a door on the opposite side 0f the room from the one they entered. Door is covered with what Lemmy recognizes as imagery about the outer planes, SIGIL, and the factions. After a period of study he realizes the faction crests are in the same order as the old lullaby16 Secrets. When he recites the poem a portal to SIGIL’s rainy landscape opens.

Coming out in the Hive they beat feet for the market ward. When a lone psion is killed by the backlash of trying to read Casimir’s mind the riffraff give them a wide berth.
Violetta is intrigued by the fiend touched around them in the streets, Casimir continues to rant about “where’s my ship?!?”

In a Market Ward bar, The Bawdy Celestial, they drill Lemmy for info. He introduces them to the Mimir and tells them a bit about SIGIL. He also reveals his faction allegiances to the Sons of Mercy.

Deciding that the Guild of Doorsnoops would probably have a correct portal key they go though the bazaar until they find a guildsman. While he does not have any portal maps or keys to the Prime he does advise seeing Ursula’sInformation and Transportation, just around the corner. The group passes a fiendish restaurant where living sentients are on the menu and the stink fills the street.

Ursula does have maps and keys to the prime, but the closest recognizable one would get them to the Rock of Bral in Spiralspace, 6 weeks travel to Dragon Rock in Realmspace. They agree and cough up the 400gp

Ibid is far less than thrilled to find out the portal is controlled on both ends by the Temple of Celestian, his church’s arch rivals. He finally agrees to go, but grumbles continuously throughout.

The Celestians really enjoy getting a priest of Ptah to come to them for help and harass the dwarf extensively. The party make their way through the portal (after another 200gp in fees which Lemmy offers up without even negotiating, much to Casimir’s chagrin) The amusement of the Celestians on the other side is as great as in SIGIL. Casimir not only manages to bluff his way into room and board for the night, but also talks the livid Ibib into staying the night “at your rival’s expense. Never know what you might hear.”
That evening they hear shrieking from the main chamber, going to investigate they find many of the priests pacing and chanting, led by a hadozee priestess with a wild look in her eyes. They return to bed.

The next morning Lemmy is deathly ill and can barely get out of bed. Violetta coughs up the 400gp needed to get the priests to cast Cure Disease on him. Ibid fumes as they perform magic beyond his ken.

On rising they make their way to the docks to investigate possible passage. Casimir fumes about his ship continuously. They manage to book working passage on a Sindiath Line trading ship, The Swift Star.

Having a full day before departure they decide to do some investigating, just in case. casimir pulls out his little portrait of Vanthus and they inquire of the Seekers. No Luck.
They then head to the Rockrat where they talk and drink and lay in supplies of several bottles of OTP and Olde Peculiar.

Episode VI: Barfly Confessions

Drunk In the Rockrat
25 Flamerule

Recently returned from their unexpected extraplanar journey a few of the party converse over drinks in the raucous atmosphere of the Rockrat Bar in Lowtown, Bral. Sipping Olde Peculiar and Olde Troll’s Piss they become increasingly loose tongued with interesting results. Ibid spends his time in the local Temple to Ptah praying, while Casimir lies insensate in a barroom chair after a few paltry shots of evil green liquor.

Violetta and Hissarmau discuss Lemmy and this “quest for a three year old, wise beyond her years” that he revealed in Sigil, debating his moral stance among other issues. Hissarmau advises application of alcohol to loosen his tongue.
Lemmy then turns up, already several drinks ahead, and joins the conversation.
Casimir wakes up while they are talking and insults Lemmy (“So why can’t you hit anything?”), then immediately passes out again. Lemmy finds and pays the fattest, ugliest hooker in the place to stay the night with him, “and be sure to still be there when he wakes up.”
Hissarmau and Violetta proceed to discuss Lemmy’s mission with him in great detail. They seem reassured by his stated worries and concerns about it, as well as his general stance of hurting none if possible.
Violetta reveals her amnesia, and tells a little about the past three years on Dragon Rock. “Not a flash of memory in all that time.” She also expresses her fears that she has an evil seeming aspect, and may once have been evil before losing her memory.
Lemmy IDs the metal of Violetta’s rings as Baatorian Greentsteel from the Hells and Solanian Truesteel from the Heavans. He speculates that maybe she was a denizen of the hells ejected for doing something good, but not trusted enough by the good powers to be allowed in the Heavans. Either that or possibly she might be the product of a union between Fiend and Celestial. Either way he seems increasingly convinced that there is something evil in her backround.
In the middle of the conversation there is a shooting in the Rockrat, about five tables away. Looks like someone was cheating at Three Dragon Ante. In very short order Grinder, the oversized Ogre bouncer ejected the offender, smashing his starwheel in the process.
Lemmy says he thinks Violetta wears masks in public because of an unconscious suspicion that she might be recognized as a criminal or worse. Possibly supressed knowledge from before her memory loss.

Xring arrives, drunk on high octane grubs and generally grumpy.
Xring, Hissarmau, Lemmy, and Violetta head to the Library of the Spheres to try researching Violetta’s race. After a few hours trawlng through the shelves Lemmy leaves them to it and heads to bed.

Maitri: (late arrival) 80 xp
Dudley and Stybbie: absent- no xp
Molly, Laurie, Alexis: RP/Story Award +400 xp each

Episode IX: Sindiath Line

Episode IX August 8, 2007
25 Flamerule

Casimir wakes up with fat chick, a hangover and dim memories of words with Lemmy in the bar.
discovers she will need Blood War histories to research her race.
Hissarmau – Provideing access to Seekers’ Library
Lemmy- Snoring in his bunk
Xring- hungover
Ibid- late night vigil.

The Swift Star Sindiath Line Dolphin Ship
9 Bells 26 Flamerule Crew Call
12 bells depart (Arrive Toril jut after Highharvestide)

Sarin Quartermaster- Cas gives him Olde Peculiar,
Capt Amril Leafbower
First Mate Kaolpack-

The group arrive at the docks, somewhat hungover, and report for duty on the Swift Star. Sarin points them towards the crew space and tells them to pick a hammock and get settled. Casimir gives Sarin a bottle of Olde Peculiar. Sarin looks the other way as Cas sneaks one on board for himself as well.

Shortly thereafter Kaolpack the hadozee introduces himself and assigns them: Hissarmau: rigging, Violetta- entertainment, Casimir: navigation, Ibid: piloting, Lemmy: manual labor and light crew duties, Xring: piloting and medicus. They then depart the Rock of Bral headed for Unipaxala, the peace Asteroid, their last stop before leaving Spiralspace.

Midsummer’s Day-While playing cards and drinking on the upper deck of the shuttle, during one f the rare times everyone is ff at the same time, they are attacked by 4 grey scavvers. Lemmy makes short work of two of them, and the rest run when reinforcements arrive. Casimir is amused when he finds out that Violetta’s Celestial Dog that she summons is named Henri…..

3 Elisias- Gods Marbles (Lemmy detects several psionic traces amongst the rocks), despite feelings of being watched there are o incidents.

5 Elisias- Unipaxala- the asteroid is a featureless white surface with only a few docking towers. NO shore leave, per Cpt. Leafbower. Only the shuttle goes down to the surface, and that with only senior crew aboard.

6 Elisias- Depart Uninpaxala

8 Elisias- Arrival at the Crystal Shell. The ship’s Spellmaster opens a portal to the Phlogiston using a scroll.

18 Eliasias- delphinds in the flow play alongside the ship. Many of them cluster around Violetta and and play while she tries to mimic their sounds. (Lemmy detects about 20% of them as psionic)

23 Elisias- Phlostorm!
Violetta is blinded when she takes a blow to the head. Hissarmau suffers an intensely bleeding scalp wound. Ibid enters the helmroom and sights The Spelljammer through the window.

Finit 23rd Eliasis, Phlostorm in progress:

Ibid in helmroom-The Spelljammer looming outside the crystal windows.
Casimir- under a table in the chart room
Xring heading down the companionway in answer to the call for a medic
Lemmy heading below decks looking for Violetta
Hissarmau and Violetta below decks bracing themselves for the next shockwave.

Episode X: Wild Times in Waterdeep

After riding out the Phlo Storm they make a fairly uneventful trip through Realmspace towards Toril and Waterdeep, effecting repairs as they fly. After collecting their pay and taking leave of the Sindiath ship they make their way through the City of Splendors. Finally alighting at the tavern known as the Singing Sword in the Castle District, they order food and beer while they contemplate the next move. During their second round they discover how the place gets its name when a barmaid in costume armor comes marching between the tables with a magical sword singing in her gauntleted hands. When she passes the table the sword dips towards Violetta and the song surges.

The serving girl offers the sword to Violetta and as it enters her grasp it begins to sign with true passion, entrancing all within hearing distance with the beauty of its song. After two snogs Violetta returns it to the server who reverentially places it in alevitation field at the center of the main stairwell where it hums modestly to itself. They settle the tab and depart.

As they head for the docks Hissarmau spots Vanthus Vanderboren in the crowd. She and Lemmy take off after him while Casimir and the rest head for the docks to attempt to retake the Voidskimmer. Lemmy and the light-footed catfolk follow Vanthus through the crowd away from the docks and see him enter conversation with a twelve foot tall blue skinned humanoid that could only be an Arcane. When he and Hissarmau try to get closer they get theirs butts kicked by an invisible figure. During those flickering moments when he comes into visibility Hissarmau identifies him both as a fellow monk and as a saurial or dinosaur man (triceratops humanoid). After a sound beating they return to the docks to meet up with Casimir.

In the meantime, Casimir and the rest found the Voidskimmer and were able to convince the Waterdhavian guard that it was indeed his property by showing them the registration papers hidden in a secret compartment in the main navigation room. The guard allow them to take possession of it, but not until after a search of the vessel. In the course of said search several erotic paintings, most of the silks and furs decorating the cabins, and a fist sized black sphere that Violetta says is a Shadow Pearl. According to legends, she says, it is a thing of the Abyss and can create a wave of chaos that could destroy a city.

Lemmy and Hissarmau return and the two groups fill each other in while Ibid heals their wounds. They provide the Waterdeep Guard with a sketch and description of Vanthus as well as their suspicions of his involvement with the Crimson Fleet. Shortly afterwards they receive clearance to ship out. Once the Voidskimmer has passed over the horizon, leaving Waterdeep below the horizon, Xring sits down on the helm and fires it up.

The sky begins to blacken and the stars come out as they cross the edge of the planet’s air envelope….
It has now been six weeks since they left on an 8 hour mission….

Episode XI: Wyrmfall on Dragon Rock

Nov 19, 2007 Gregorian OR 16 Eleint in the Dale Reckoning used on Dragon Rock

We pick up with our motley band relaxing aboard the recently reclaimed Voidskimmer as they make the six hour flight from Waterdeep to Dragon Rock. Xring constantly scans the approaching Tears of Selune for hostile activity, locating only ordinary merchant ships and Elven cruisers in their path to Dragon Rock.

They are greeted by a port official/tax collector on landing. After paying the air tax Casimir demands that guards be set on the ship, “and damn the cost!” The official send a small blond haired street urchin running off with instructions to return with two pair of guards. Discovering that they have arrived during the height of the Wyrmfall Festival they make their way away from the dock and towards a drink.

The crowds are completely drunken and mostly in costume, draconic themes predominating. Most people, even if making no other concession to costume, at least wear a small mask. Lemmy and Violetta immediately purchase beers from a street vendor. Seeing the masks around her Violetta removes hers and then tosses out her hair to reveal her horns. Smiling she makes her way through the crowd with the rest of them. At one point Violetta sees the boy from the docks whispering into the ear of a woman in a skeleton painted black bodysuit. When the crowd clears again they are gone.

After a brief discussion it is decided that reporting in to Lavinia is not everyone’s priority. The streets are filled with revelers, and the call to celebrate is louder for some than that of debriefing. Ibid, ring, and Hissarmau head towards their apartments at Lucille’s while Violetta, Lemmy and Casimir head deeper into the fray.

A few blocks later, as they pass through a cluster of stiltwalkers, the woman in the black bodysuit makes herself known as her flying kick misses Lemmy and brings her to ground next to Violetta. As they start to react she leaps into the air and strikes for him again and once more missing as he ducks out of the way, drawing the muttering sword. It is around this point that thestilwalkers enter the fray attacking both casimir and the bard who luckily evade being hit. Casimir draws his starwheel, aims and fires. Several things happen at once: the stiltwalker is blown from his feet at the bullet opens a hole in his chest; the crowd in the street begins to flee in panic; and the others a mere two blocks away hear the shot and head for the battle.

As Casimir and company hold off the stilt walkers Xring and Hissarmau take to the high road. Xring, true to her insect nature, runs along the wall, avoiding the combat below as her time on the helm drained her spells. Hissarmau uses the balconies, running along them and leaping from one to the next. In the meantime Ibid sets his shoulders against the mob of “tall folk,” fleeing the gunshot and manages to hold his position as they wash over and past him. .

As the way clears ahead of him, Ibid is able to get a clear view of the remaining combatants: our heroes, the woman in the black bodysuit, and three of the stiltwalkers . Remaining well away in the middle of the next block he casts Hold Person on the woman in black who freezes in her tracks as she and Lemmy fight., He then immediately follows it up with another spell (create food and water) which creates a 25′ layer of red goo that coats the alley, sending the stiltwalkers crashing to the ground as they slip and fall. One of the three manages to remain upright by trying to grab on to a balcony rail (which was greased by the establishment to prevent things like this occurring during the festival). Violetta makes short work of that one by summoning her celestial hound to knock him over. The dog does so just as Xring pops out above the stiltwalker’s head ad yells, “Boo!” Needless to say, he drops like a stone.

“Hold it! Stand still there, you!” rings out across the empty street. The city guard have arrived. As Casimir tries to explain, one of them identifies the woman in the bodysuit as Diamondback. “She’s a working assassin in this part of town. You must have really pissed someone off.”

As Ibid prepares to dispel his dweomer a shot rings out and a bullet hole appears in Diamondback’s forehead. Xring catches sight of a reflection from one rooftop and sees a figure ducking out of sight. Xring and Hissarmau as the rooftop chase specialists take off after it. As they begin to gain they see that the sniper is either a half orc or a scro wearing a long leather coat. Seems very much like tales of the elite scro snipers in the war….

While this chase is going on Violetta uses her charms to make the guard captain a bit more friendly. She manages to get them all offscott free except for Casimir, who gets 200gp fine for firing a pistol within city limits

After a merry chase across the rooftops he jumps from a roof and disappears. When the ladies arrive the only sign they see is a dead human in green clothing.Hissar uses a Message spell to contact and summon Violetta and the rest. When the rest arrive they identify the body as one of the Jade Ravens, the other group of adventurers retained by LaviniaVanderboren to handle The Manor’s security. Pinned to his chest is a piece of parchment inscribed with the phrase,”Things have changed, you’re no longer welcome here.” The group wait for the city guard to catch up, handover custody of the body when they arrive, and tell them to sendreinforcements to Vanderboren Manor.

Violetta decides that the best way through the crowd is to start a parade of her own, and uses Ghost Sound to create a fanfare in front while she and the rest parade down the street, heading uptown. As they proceed her playing attracts a wide variety of musicians and performers and their parade begins to grow. The idea works impeccably well and they manage to triple their speed through the crowd. After moving through the city to the edge of the Estates the parade follows the crowd density and veers deeper into the throng, while our heroes split off heading towardsVanderboren Manor. While not empty, the streets are significantly less crowded than they were in the less ritzy areas.

When they arrive a quick survey of the grounds reveal that they are littered with the bodies of the Jade Ravens. Xring sights movement inside one of the windows and manages to identify a member of a local family of bullywug strongarms. She tells the rest that it probably means a priest and sorceror who are part of the family are in there as well. Focusing her magic, Violetta sends a Message to Lavinia and discovers that she is being held prisoner in her chambers.

Trying to act casual they make their way around the wall, investigating as closely as possible on the way. They settle on the tertiary gate on the north wall as their means of entrance. Right next to it is an incoming stream which ends in a pool in the main courtyard. An investigation shows that the iron security grill on the streams entrance has been removed, possibly by thebullywugs to gain entrance. They lodge it closed with a still Violetta had carried since their encounter with Diamondback’s group.

They take a deep breath as they prepare for an assault of Vanderboren Manor!

Episode XII : Nick’s

Our heroes sneak onto the grounds of Vanderboren Manor and stealthily enter the Manor itself. After a few brief melees with bullywug thugs they make their way to Lavinia’s quarters where they find her held captive by a cloaked and hooded figure and an imposing half orc.

The party defeat the pair, the half orc fleeing through town with Xring and Hissarmau in hot pursuit. He manages to lose them after a rooftop chase of many blocks. In the meantime the hooded figure is revealed to be an insectare, a manipulative and rare hybrid of elf and insect reputed to be nearly as evil as the drow.

In the aftermath Lavinia tells them to pursue the escaped pair as their next sotp is the asteroid of the “Gift Giver.” Giving the party a chart and swearing them to secrecy she sends them off in an almost frantic fashion.

Three days later, having followed the seemingly nonsensical directions a moderate sized, snow covered asteroid appears in front of the ship. Ibid takes the Voidskimmer in and lands in front of the only visible structure, a massive chalet with an even more massive warehouse attached.

After entering the chalet the PCs nose around until they are discovered by a tinker gnome who leads them out towards the stables to see “The Boss.” As they proceed the halls transition to white marble and carved ice. Once they reached the stables they find a balding, heavy set human with a huge white beard and twinkling eyes. He introduces himself as Nick and calls each of them by name. He then passes out a small gift to each PC.

Here we stopped for Winter Break. Gaming resumes in Feb after Carniva


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