The Citadel of the Planes

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A veil of obscurity covers each strong-hold space, melding it in nicely with the surrounding landscape. The exact appearance of the veil varies widely depending on the plane—everything from molten rock to .murky water. Initially, the illusion works both ways, so citadel inhabitants don’t see much when they look out the windows, After a few rounds peering out the window, viewers have studied the glamer sufficiently to allow them a Will save (DC 17). If another denizen of the citadel explains the nature of the illusion to them,viewers receive a + 4 circumstance bonus on the Will save. Those who make their saving throws can see through the veil and gaze on the otherworldly land scape beyond. If someone pierces the veil, they’ll have to contend with the exterior walls: reinforced masonry in most cases, with some walls of force.

The portals that lead from plane to plane are all two-way portals. Normal vision works through the portal, so you can see where you’re going. You can’t shoot ranged weapons or send unattended objects through the portal.

The citadel’s denizens can reach all the other planes from the trophy room on the Plane of Shadow. Furthermore, several of the outlying parts of the citadel connect with each other directly. For example, a portal links the barracks on Ysgard and the stable on Arborea.

The citadel’s builders often had extraplanar errands and missions, so some parts of the citadel connect to important parts of other planes. The citadel’s docks sit on the banks of the River Oceanus (which winds its way through most of the good-aligned Outer Planes)and the River Styx (which connects many of the evil-aligned planes). Another part of the citadel is an unobtrusive doorway into the city of Dis, one of the largest metropolises in the Nine Hells of Baator.


The Citadel of the Planes

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