Ship: The Voidskimmer



Midway through the campaign it experienced a growth spurt turning into a Silverwing class Smalljammer


The Voidskimmer, like all smalljammers, is a living ship. This one is rather unique as it was modified by it’s first pilot (a xixchil) to have integrated weaponry. The lightning bombard fires from the tail and can be used once every three rounds. During the three round recharge period the ship suffers a -3 to pilot checks and Ref Saves (the bombard draws energy from the helm itself). It also includes a dart launcher hidden in the “mouth,” of the ship which is usually stocked with darts that have been coated with a non lethal poison.

J’krex, the original xixchil pilot left the Voidskimmer to his best humanoid friend Ruprect Syzygy [House Sysygy is one of the noble houses that owns Dragon Rock in the Tears of Selune. It is based on Selune (or Liera as the natives call it)]

When Ruprect passed on he made the questionable decision of leaving it to his reprobate nephew Casimir Syzygy


Airships (Bastion Press) compatible stats:

The Voidskimmer
Ship Type: Smalljammer (variant)
Allegiance: House Syzygy, Lierea, Realmspace
Captain: Ruprect Syzygy (recently passed on to his nephew Casimir)
Tonnage: 25
Size: L
Size Category: 6
Maneuverability: + 3
Top Speed: by helmsman
Hull Type: Ceramic
Hardness: 6
Hull Points: 100
AC: 9
Fort Save: + 0
Ref Save: + 10
Templates: Aquatic, Covered, Glider (+5 to pilot checks when gliding on wings, -4 nav checks due to covered decks, +1 nav checks due to Orb Compass)
Cargo Space:
Open deck: none
Total Market Price: Never for sale

Weapon1: Lightning Bombard (Dam 5d6 Hull Points; Crit -; Range Increments 500’; ROF 1/3 rds; Quadrant Front)
Weapon2: Dart Launcher (Dam 3d6 hit points (crew damage); Crit 20/x3; Range Increments 500’; ROF 1/2 rds; Quadrant Front)

The blanks are things I have not quite finished (obviously) converting.

Ship: The Voidskimmer

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