Planejammer: The Misfits

Casimir's Journal - Part 5

Knowledge Is Power

11th Ches, 1360 DR (5042 OC)

I have solved the problem of rendering live models. It is simply a matter of sketching or painting between amorous sessions. No small task as this takes immense self control, not just on my part, but also on the part of my enamorata du jour. I tried an experiment in which I attempted to “capture the moment during the moment,” but neither result was quite up to my high standards. Of course, this will not preclude me from further experimentation. One only grows by practice!

A double-edged event occurred this ride as, from one of the girls, I learned the name of the Masq’d Bard: Violetta Lucette d’Arc. She has been here for almost two years, but strictly as a performer in the Bardic Arts. I have been warned that any attentions I may direct toward her will be rebuffed most firmly. Perhaps this is for the best, for if her face equals that of her figure, I may be rendered useless to the many damoiselles dependent upon my charms. I think perhaps that this may only turn to obsession in the future, for the mask and the warning have the makings of a challenge which I most assurredly cannot shirk from. And to add to my exquisite torture, the hue of skin I previously mentioned is definitely not make-up.

Ah. I did say double-edged, did I not? Indeed, as the above information was to be had so easily, albeit from a source whose job depends on being “had so easily,” then whose ears might be learning of my secrets? This may pose a problem. I have only just sewn up the loose end of The Family and the right word to the wrong ear would simply halt my machinations much too early. It would be a slip of the tongue which I would find quite distasteful indeed


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