Planejammer: The Misfits

Casimir's Journal - Part 4

I Am Discovered!

1st Ches, 1360 DR (5042 OC)

Less than two months and I have been discovered! I knew The Family employed only the best and the brightest operatives, but I was sure I had covered my tracks sufficiently to throw them off the trail. It seems I was spotted, pre-disguise, lounging on an upper balcony by one of Mother’s Finest. We live and we learn, eh?

Soon after this, I was summoned to a meeting with Her Grace regarding matters which I would have been foolish to ignore. Business completed, the audience degenerated into a verbal melee concerning my current path. (More to the point, Her Grace threatened to unleash the Orcish Hordes of Cantor Loop if I refused to submit to her will.) Luckily, She bred me well (and a bit too close to her own image) and I was able to use her own twisted brand of logic to gain her half-hearted blessing in my endeavors. I convinced Her that it would be to the benefit of The Family were I to remain at large on Dragon Rock as an agent incognito, seeking out plots and devilments detrimental to our prosperity where they are likely to be hatched.

This is not exactly the flower I expected to bloom when I began planting the seeds of my own garden, but I must confess it allows me some further range in life. No longer must I worry about the interference of Mother’s Finest and I am able to pursue my own path as I see fit. I shall take this as a victory and celebrate appropriately upon my return to Lucille’s.


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