Planejammer: The Misfits

Casimir's Journal - Part 11

Spring Equinox!

19th Ches, 1360 DR (5042 OC)

I have emerged from hiding! There are very few things which interest me enough to distract me from my studies, (both artistic and carnal,) but the celebration of the Spring Equinox would count among a very limited top few. Indeed, this years celebration has been in planning for years. Not the event mind you, but my designs on the hosts daughter, Livinia Vanderboren. A creature so graceful and feminine that eunuchs are said to have made immediate recoveries upon the very sight of her.

Livinia has been known to me in all ways but the carnal for some time now as our parents are quite close. She is one of a small handful of women that would meet Family approval for betrothal and I do believe this thought has crossed the minds of both our parents at one time or another. Indeed the possibility does not cause me great distress except for the prospect of being manacled to one woman, no matter how comely, for the rest of my life. Livinia, however, informed me tonight that she hasn’t the slightest interest in bedding me, pre- or post-matrimonial. I was informed that though she was intrigued by tales of the strength of my ardor, she was also unimpressed with my ability to focus on my prey once my ardor had subsided.

Before I could admonish the dear child for listening to the idle gossip of her peers, her brother Vanth appeared, ruining not only the moment, but the evening as well. Vanth is cut from the same aristocratic cloth as many of my Family and it is precisely this cloth which I strive to avoid being tailored from. He is arrogant, greedy, and at times like this, churlish to the point of embarrassment. After loudly accusing me of violating his dear sister, he wildly struck out at me. Luckily I am quite gifted in certain techniques which easily allowed me to dodge his clumsy attack while at the same time, spinning quickly on my heels, give him the slightest push toward the fountain which Livinia and I were standing beside. Unfortunately, the resulting splash caught both Livinia and I fully, simply dowsing me but causing her gown to become quite transparent. I immediately, and reluctantly, offered her my soggy doublet to conceal herself and we retired to the manor to freshen ourselves.

She apologized profusely for the actions of her brother, but alas, the progress I felt I was making earlier was completely lost. After composing myself and making sure that she was otherwise alright, I returned to the celebration to pay my respects and offer apologies to her parents before returning to Lucille’s. Upon leaving, I caught the stony gaze of Mother whom I had been successfully avoiding all evening. The look on her face was one of which I am quite familiar, but thankfully she was engaged in conversation and I was able to make my exit with no further complication.


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